Loose the NAME


I fully support this entire focus and though the site is ‘new’ i.e. July of this year, there is some EXCELLENT information and insights specific to the STATE created NAME, and some great resources.

My only concern is that none of the content on this site makes it clear that ANY possible ‘political’ assumptions and or presumptions by said ‘government’ if not pre-emptively ‘show proof of cause’ with the ‘heads of state’ –

Can and in most cases Will be Used Against You…

So you better be darn sure that you ‘cover all the bases’ that ARE ‘used against you’ BEFORE “Walking the Talk” for ‘it will be used against you’… In most though certainly not ‘all’ cases.

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Capitus as Venue

20120215-Kevin Hines – Venue

Cynthia – I do not necessarily fully agree with this entirely, but rather provide it as a means to further reflection in general.

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More on capitus


Further direction is provided for derivatives of personal names, particles in family names (i.e., da, de, della, von), medial capitals (i.e., MacDonald), and nicknames and epithets (i.e., the Iron Lady).

The Oxford English Grammar (ISBN 0-19-861250-8, published in 1996) states the following for how to write names (pp.97):

Proper nouns name specific people, animals, institutions, places, times, etc. They have unique reference, and in writing they begin with a capital letter; Bill Clinton, Jerusalem,Christmas, December.

It is clearly inappropriate, as defined by the standards of the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation, and in the Oxford English Grammar, to publish a person’s name in all-caps (i.e., MICHAEL LEUNIG). One may assume that when a person’s name is capitalised we are no longer referring to a human being and their personal name (but to a legal fiction and the legal fiction’s identity).


  1. Style Manual, 6th edition (australia.gov.au, finance.gov.au)
  2. Department of Finance and Deregulation (finance.gov.au)
  3. Oxford English Grammar, pp.97 (exfacie.com)
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What is in a STATE created NAME?

Further evidence that various ‘government’ entities do in fact ‘separate’ the multiple ‘words’ in the STATE created NAME and denote the different ‘meanings’ you may or may not care, but here is ‘in your face’ evidence that the ‘sur’ is the ‘thing’ ‘legally connected’ to ‘kill’ ‘us’ when not properly rebutted or no ‘claim’ made as a living person\living soul… and the ‘first’ is the lawful given, one worded Name which also denotes “indentured serf” by first letter capitus media

My own preference is the UPU site contact form which also denotes separation between the given/first capitus media and family/slave NAME capitus maxima

“I AM” living soul… not “corp sole” (smile)

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Capitalization Implications

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A capitonym is a word that changes its meaning (and sometimes pronunciation) when it is capitalized, the capitalization usually applies due to one form being a proper noun or eponym.[citation needed] It is a portmanteau of the word capital with the suffix -onym. A capitonym is a form of homograph and – when the two forms are pronounced differently – also of heteronym. In situations where both words should be capitalized (such as the beginning of a sentence), there will be nothing to distinguish between them except the context in which they are used.

Although some pairs, such as march and March, are completely unrelated, in other cases, such as august and catholic, the capitalized form is a name that is etymologically related to the uncapitalized form. For example, August derives from the name of Imperator Augustus, who named himself after the wordaugustus, whence English august came. Likewise, both Catholic and catholic derive from a Greek adjective meaning “universal”.

Capital letters may be used to differentiate between a set of objects, and a particular example of that object. For instance in Astronomical terminology a distinction may be drawn between a moon, any natural satellite, and the Moon, to be specific the natural satellite of Earth. Likewise, Sun with a capital may be used to emphasise that the sun of Earth is under discussion.

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CROWN Copyright

PDF > Crown copyright in the information age

All you have to do is make fair two-thirds majority ownership to the STATE created NAME for the lawful given and lawful honorary are not to be co-joined but at your two separate names, plural, capitus minimus.  And renounce the “legal last” for family is slave, house is master over slaves, and sur equals chattel property ‘owned’ by ‘government’ and by country of origin definition, is that “me?” Maybe in rare instances, but typically “not me.”  Most are wanting to refuse ANY ownership, I say why not just make fair living man claim to one’s given names, plural, but refuse the “last” because that is the fraud, as is the STATE created name, technically a VESSEL name per 1984 UNITED STATES government Style Manual.

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Are you a VESSEL?

2008 U.S. Government Style Manual (PDF)

Focus on chapters three and eleven, and you will find that the only time ‘all caps’ is used is for a VESSEL (ship) and that VESSEL in a ‘legal’ B.A.R. “court case NAME”….

Digest that for a bit…. always be sure to add, where is the evidence proof from a living man that one is\i am a VESSEL… separate from implications to the “legal last”

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