Sur name

Sur. Fr. On; upon; over. In the titles of real actions “sur” was used to point out what the writ was founded upon. Blacks Law Dictionary, 1891, 1st Ed., page 1141. This use of sur-names on birth certificates, coupled with you answering to “your NAME” as an “idem sonans” in a courtroom allows them, via a traverse, to deprive you of property and freedom (via your BC, their Commercial Charter).

Following from NW, 1828 Dictionary.

SUR, a prefex. From the French, contracted from L. super, supra, signifies over, above, beyond, upon.

Surname. The family name; the name over and above the Christian name. The part of the name which is not given in babtism; the name common to all members of a family. Blacks Law Dictionary, 1891, pg. 1143. Surnames equate to coat of arms (a surcoat), gentile, pagan, heathen, unbelievers, something added to, and dead in law, per the speaker on “Christian Man Named Dan PART 1. In a court of law (sic) if/when you agree or state a last/surname you have rejected Christ. Also, see/hear: “Christian Identity 3”, (video no longer available). Surnames; with us, originally designated occupation, ESTATE, place of RESIDENCE, or some particular thing or event that related to the PERSON.” Caps are added emphasis.

Surnamed, pp. Called by a name “added to” the Christian or ORIGINAL name.

Surnaming, ppr. Naming by an appellation added to the original name.


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