STATE created NAME

Further evidence that various ‘government’ entities do in fact ‘separate’ the multiple ‘words’ in the STATE created NAME and denote the different ‘meanings’ you may or may not care, but here is ‘in your face’ evidence that the ‘sur’ is the ‘thing’ ‘legally connected’ to ‘kill’ ‘us’ when not properly rebutted or no ‘claim’ made as a living person\living soul… and the ‘first’ is the lawful given, one worded Name which also denotes “indentured serf” by first letter capitus media

My own preference is the UPU site contact form which also denotes separation between the given/first capitus media and family/slave NAME capitus maxima

“I AM” living soul… not “corp sole” (smile)

About cynthia

refuse to complete unethical and immoral 'profiles'
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