Man’s Name and Black’s Law

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Black’s 1st

NAME. The designation of an individual person, or of a firm or corporation. In law a living man cannot have more than one Christian name.

1 Ld. Raym. 562.

CHRISTIAN NAME. The baptismal name distinct from the surname. It has been said from the bench that a Christian name may consist of a single letter.


Black’s 1st and 2nd does not have the word “distinct” but Black’s 3rd does.

DISTINCT. Evidently not identical; observably or decidedly different.

Bayne v. Kansas Oity (Mo. App.) 263 S. W. 450, 451.

Right in Black’s Law.

A “MAN” cannot have more than one Christian name and a Christian name is the baptismal name “DISTINCT” from the surname!

MEANING, a “MAN” does NOT have a Christian name AND surname COMBINED as one full name.

A MAN only has a Christian Name, i.e., First name ONLY or a First-Middle name ONLY excluding a last name/surname!

If a name includes a surname attached with a first name then it is not and cannot be a MAN’S name!

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