What is the definition or meaning to your “last name”?  Does it in fact describe you?  Certainly it may well have applied to an ancestor, but only in rare instances does it apply to “me” here and ‘now.’

All you need is to do a simple search engine lookup on “sur name” and your “last name” or that of your mother, etc.  There are many sites that will provide information on country of origin, coat of arms, relation to Domesday Book, and more.

Hold close your ancestors and blood line, yet renounce the war “shield” or ‘crest’ and chattel property “sur” name, slave “family” name, and master over slave “house” name.

I have found through extensive research that “We the People” are NOT the ‘common man’ nor ‘freeman’ “voters” rather “royals” and aristocracy, actual land holders, “electors” and their progeny.  The “people” are their progeny and assigns.  Only “freeman” is a term that “government” acknowledges as “free” NOT to be fused with “liberty” which has been verified as a ship based maritime term for which when one ‘leaves the ship’ if they do not return when being called they can then be charged with treason which is punishable by death.

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refuse to complete unethical and immoral 'profiles'
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